Xolaris Civil Security selected as partner to provide COVID-19 tracking tools

We are honored to announce that Xolaris Civil Security has been chosen as partner to support a MEA government in fighting of COVID-19. With new technology from Xolaris, the MEA government will have access to comprehensive, accurate and timely mobility analytics for COVID-19 tracking, which allows to identify and warn potentially infected citizens.

– COVID-19 has increased the need for reliable data that allows authorities to make the best possible decisions for safety and stability for their citizens. Innovation and technology are better equipping us to handle public health emergencies and contain the spread of diseases. Today, almost everyone carries a mobile phone and as such mobile network data has become a valuable resource for a safer community. Network data can be used to anonymously and digitally track the virus’s spread, notify people who may have come into contact with someone infected with the virus, and also to enforce quarantine. We believe this is important in helping a country return to normality and control the spread of the coronavirus, says Karl-Johan Gramner, CEO Xolaris.

Xolaris long history and successful track record within location-based applications for public safety and national security are main factors for being chosen as a partner. Xolaris line of products allows authorities to monitor how the virus is spreading, thus allowing precautionary actions to be taken as soon as possible. The delivered solution is based on the well-tested Xolaris platforms for advanced cellular intelligence.

– COVID-19 could be the biggest challenge of our lifetime and we are proud to be able to provide solutions and knowledge that help authorities control situations like these. Thanks to the knowledge we have gained during 20 years in the industry we have been able to develop COVID-19 analytics tools that are now ready to be deployed. For us, this is business development at it’s very best, says Amalendu Parasnis, Founder and Head of Strategic Business Development and Product Strategy.

About Xolaris Civil Security

Xolaris Civil Security was founded in 1999 and is formerly known as Mobilaris National Security, a part of the Mobilaris Group. As a independent company, Xolaris’ main focus is to help authorities prevent threats against society, criminal activities and save lives, everyday. The head-office is in Luleå, Sweden, but Xolaris’ customers and partners spread across the globe.

Contact information

Amalendu Parasnis
Founder, Head of Strategic Business Development and Product Strategy
+46 70-510 40 50

Karl-Johan Gramner
CEO, Xolaris Civil Security
+46 70-524 65 83

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