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Since 1999, Xolaris Civil Security has helped authorities and governments to keep people safe. The tools of analytics and communications have over the years become critical parts in crisis management and neutralizing criminal activities. During the ongoing pandemic, there has an increased demand for Xolaris’ products and continued development in the field of public communication.

In a recent interview with Position Sweden, Amalendu Parasnis, the co-founder and Head of Business Development at Xolaris, talks about the company’s history, how to keep people save, the pandemic’s impact and the future of Xolaris.

The article was published in Position Sweden, included in Dagens Industri.

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The board members of Xolaris Civil Security have appointed Mohsen Tavakol as the new Chief Executive Officer. Mohsen takes office 1st October 2021 and succeeds Amalendu Parasnis who returns to a former role in the company.
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