THE COVID-19 GUIDE – Respond

Respond includes those capabilities necessary to save lives, protect property and meet basic human needs. It is when an emergency event is imminent or immediately after it has occurred, as in the case with Covid-19 in many places around the world.

The respond phase is a reaction to the occurrence of a catastrophic disaster or emergency. The first step is to perform an immediate rapid assessment of the situation to determine lifesaving and life-sustaining needs. It is crucial to provide adequate response to the disaster or emergency. Respond is comprised of the coordination and management of resources including personnel, equipment and supplies, and measures taken to save lives.

The rapid situation assessment enables governments to prioritize and quickly initiate response activities by taking measures, allocating resources and requesting additional assistance if needed. In other words, respond involves putting preparedness plans into action.

Today’s respond activities in different regions implies that borders, beaches, pubs, mosques and churches are closed. Small and large events are all cancelled, and people are subject to an unprecedented isolation and even enforced quarantine. All at significant cost to taxpayers and the economy.

The changes imposed on the public change people’s habits and movement. The new travel patterns need to be monitored to add, or adjust, response activities such as healthcare dimensioning or advice the public of travel restrictions.

Access measures for the current situation and adapt as the situation evolves by monitoring public movement and how well the public apply to recommendations from the authorities.

Tools supporting improved preparedness will become a “must” for nations in handling the current pandemic and preparing for future crisis scenarios.

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