Record year for Xolaris public safety platforms – Over 4 billion location-based SMS sent during 2020

The number of natural disasters, including wildfires, storms and floods continue to increase in both frequency and intensity each year. This undeniable new normal has led to a substantial increase in demand for a well-functioning warning and security system by local and national governments, agencies, and private companies to aid in keeping their citizens and employees informed and safe in real time. The need for a public warning system has also been further highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic, as authorities struggle to communicate effectively with their citizens on a daily basis.

Xolaris’ platforms are fast becoming the public warning system of choice, as its recently reported 2020 numbers illustrate. Local and national governments, agencies, and private companies throughout the world have sent over 4 billion location-based SMS (LB-SMS) from several different sectors, using the Xolaris public safety platform.

Xolaris’ mission critical platforms play a crucial role in saving lives. Events that threaten public safety span a broad spectrum, from flash flooding to terrorist threats. It is crucial for people to receive the right information, in the right language, in real time and at the right location. Whether it is information concerning a Covid-19 hot spot, or an area in need of emergency evacuation, “accurate information in real time is the key to saving lives,” according to Amalendu Parasnis, the CEO of Xolaris.

During 2020, Xolaris has covered more sectors and critical situations than any other company in this space, guided by its mission to save lives, every day.

Contact information

Amalendu Parasnis, Founder & CEO, Xolaris Civil Security
+ 46 70-510 40 50
Jan Eriksson, VP Sales Europe, Xolaris Civil Security
+ 46 70-555 41 66
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