Pandemic crisis



During pandemic crisis, tools for mobility analysis is crucial to strengthen the authorities ability to combat a pandemic outbreak: from tracing the spread of the virus, to plan and follow up preventive measures.


Introducing REACT™

Our product Real-time Emergency Analytics and Communication Tool, REACT™, is a decision support platform engineered to assist governments and health authorities to detect, monitor, trace and ultimately help combat spread of infectious diseases. 

REACT™ combines real-time collecting of anonymous mobile phone data from operator networks, machine learning and historical movement data to provide guidance and situational awareness enabling governments and authorities to plan and follow-up preventive measures.

Xolaris REACT™ is:

  • Handset independent meaning any phone turned on is contributing to data collection and situational awareness.
  • Completely based on mobile network data in real-time (anonymized if required by law).
  • Requires no interaction by citizens, no need to download or install anything on handsets.
  • All phones in operator’s networks contribute to analytics result thus providing an unprecedented quality in the analytical quality.

The Real-time Emergency Analytics and Communication Tool (REACT™) from Xolaris consists of features such as:

  • Accurately measures the number of people in each location at a given time – now or in the past.
  • Generates heatmaps and density measurements to see how the population is distributed – now and in the past to understand travel routes, movement over time (day/night) and places of congregation in advance of a potential crisis in order to e.g. determine evacuation plans.
  • Delivers coordinated, prompt, reliable, and actionable information over SMS or Cell Broadcast to the whole community or groups in different geographical areas to avoid or manage potential risk areas.
  • Identifies phones that has been travelling and visited infected areas and can inform by SMS if necessary.
  • Automatically detects phones travelling into areas with curfews or into zones with high risk of infection.
  • Detect movements of individuals and groups anonymously, to monitor whether they are self-isolating or following authorities’ directives to not travel.
  • Automatically informs people who moves more than e.g. 10 km if curfews are in operation.
  • Identifies “hot spots” – congregations of people.

Covid-19 has put the world into a state of emergency.

The critical formula for public safety

When you are in the middle of a disaster scenario, the traditional workflow entails four steps; mitigate – prepare – respond – recover. The situation caused by Covid-19 demands the same steps but in a much broader time frame. Read our short guide on how to handle crisis management and communication during the pandemic.

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