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Access to information is key during public threats and disasters
Public safety authorities are responsible of communicating with the citizens they serve during ongoing disasters and dangerous conditions, as well as letting people know what to do and where to go.

Introducing CIWS™

Our product Community Information and Warning System, CIWS™, registers every single phone to proactively follow their movements and guides them to safety during threats. It has a proven record worldwide, successfully applied under the most challenging crowd conditions on earth.

CIWS™ is the most scalable solution on the market, from disaster management to major event scenarios, and is the best way for authorities to work fast and keep people safe.

Intelligent and proactive crowd communication

Created for intelligent and proactive crowd communication, CIWS™ provides the right information at the right time and position. Receive information in your own language, based on SIM-card nationality and unique location.

Integration with systems and services

The difference between success and failure is how you prepare, and if you have the right systems in place. With CIWS™, real time distribution and density data is continually collected and shared with integrated systems, law enforcement and emergency services.

Predict and prevent dangerous scenarios

From disaster management to major event scenarios, CIWS™ is the best way to work fast and keep people safe. Incident reports gives you more knowledge on how to predict and prevent future dangerous scenarios.

Unmatched in skill, application and capacity


Proactively follow the location of every phone in the country at once.


Monitor, track and react based on heatmaps and geofences.


Communicate with people through 10 000 geographically controlled text messages per second.

Language & content

Message language and content automatically based on nationality.

Incident reports

Generate detailed incident reports for later analysis.

The increasing number of natural disasters and growing extremism have led to more serious threats against the public. In article 110, from the European Union’s new telecom directive (EECC), it is stated that every member state shall have a basic Public Warning System by June 2022. Every solution must support Reverse 1-1-2, that is a Public Warning System that uses the national mobile networks to send alerts to connected devices.

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