Mobilaris National Security becomes Xolaris Civil Security

For thousands of years, the sun has served as a luminous compass for people all around the world. Just like the sunlight has kept travellers on course, Xolaris has kept society safe for the last two decades.

You have come to know us as Mobilaris National Security, a part of the Mobilaris Group. Now, our company becomes independent with a new name and brand – Xolaris Civil Security – with the purpose to develop even better products and continue our work for a safer world.

“To save lives is, and has always been, the common denominator across all subsidiaries within the Mobilaris Group. We will continue doing so as Xolaris, and in these challenging times, the need has never been greater. Threats against society come in many different forms – endangering everyday life and public freedom.

During our 20 years as Mobilaris National Security, we have grown our business worldwide, helping authorities to keep citizens safe and prevent criminal activities. With the same owners we secure sustainability and trust. We will with increased focus continue strengthening our solutions, to bring ourselves and our customers into the future of civil security.

Xolaris’ commitment is with society. We provide the upper hand in any alarming scenario and are building a better tomorrow, where institutions can focus on enabling the best life possible for the people they serve. We are guided by a vision to save lives, every day” says Karl-Johan Gramner, CEO of Xolaris Civil Security.

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