Covid-19 increases the need for critical communication tools

During a global crisis, it is of utmost importance to secure that correct information reaches the public in a correct and timely manner. The global crisis caused by Covid-19 has definitely increased the need for public warning systems, such as CIWS from the company Xolaris Civil Security, when authorities must communicate effectively with their citizens.

CIWS (Community Information and Warning System) makes it possible for authorities to communicate with the public via SMS during crisis and emergencies.

“Threats against society has many faces, endangering everyday life and public freedom. In these times of uncertainty, there’s a high risk of disinformation with many communication channels, social media and rumors. People need the right information, in the right language, in the right time and place. It could be about certain areas in need of evacuation, or risk groups who should be warned and guided”, says Karl-Johan Gramner, CEO at Xolaris Civil Security.

Now, Xolaris is gathering their experience and knowledge in a public guide set to help authorities controlling the spread of Covid-19.

“The value of correct information has never been greater. With our experience we want to contribute with knowledge on how such communication is performed. Sending out clear information in every channel – in every step – is crucial to control the spread and flatten the curve. It will lead to a safer society during crisis for individuals, institutions, companies and markets”, Karl-Johan continues.

The corona virus has hit hard against societies around the world, and companies like Xolaris are ready to help.

“Covid-19 could be the biggest challenge of our lifetime and only by working together, using all our skills, our innovation, our compassion and our solidarity, will we win the fight against the virus and enable our societies to flourish again. Together with other companies in our line of business, we are ready to do everything we can in order to help authorities reach the public”, Karl-Johan Gramner finishes.

Contact information:
Karl-Johan Gramner, CEO, Xolaris Civil Security
Phone: + 46 70-524 65 83

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