THE COVID-19 Guide


The ideal goal in fighting an epidemic or pandemic is to completely halt the spread. But merely slowing it — mitigation — is critical.

Mitigating an impending crisis is amongst other things to repeatedly distribute updated information to all of the population, transmitting millions of messages to everyone who has a mobile phone, with the text adopted to the native language of the recipient, and their location. The information being sent out can be regarding hygiene practices, staying at home and restricted areas. Slowing the spread of the infection is nearly as important as stopping it.

On March 19, 2020, the European Data Protection Board issued a statement emphasising that member states should attempt to do what they can with anonymised data but notes
that they have the power to “introduce legislation to enable the processing of non-
anonymised location data where necessary to safeguard public security”, including the
location tracking of individuals, under strict privacy safeguards.

Innovation and technology are better equipping us to handle public health emergencies and
contain the spread of diseases.

Luckily, almost everyone carries a mobile phone and as such mobile network data has
become a resource for a safer community. Network data can be used to anonymously and
digitally track the virus’s spread, notify people who may have come into contact with
someone infected with the virus, and also to enforce quarantine.

In a crisis, speed is of essence;

Tools like Xolaris REACT™ enables authorities to quickly start the mitigation process by:

  • Accurately estimate the number of people in a given location at a given time to estimate resources needed in different regions.
  • Distributing geographically controlled information messages to people in danger areas to stay at home and places to avoid, as well as introducing more cautious hygiene practices to less dangerous areas.
  • Generating heatmaps to see how the population is distributed – now and in the past.
  • Informing people who have recently been in areas with infection.
  • Analyzing how infected persons have travelled and what other phones have been in the vicinity as way to trace the spread of the virus.

The exponential growth of connectivity — and the access to the wealth of data it offers — allows health officials to quickly track the spread of disease, giving vulnerable populations vital information.

Tools supporting improved mitigation effects will become a “must” for nations in handling
the current pandemic and preparing for future crisis scenarios.

THE COVID-19 Guide


Disasters are often unexpected by their very nature, leaving little time, if any, to prepare. That is why it is so important to put time into planning and preparation long before the disaster strikes.

Be ready to REACT™

Xolaris REACT™ is an analytics and communication platform engineered to help governments and health authorities combat spread of infectious diseases.