Ewa Björling


Mrs. Ewa Björling has served as Minister for Trade in the Swedish government between 2007-2014, and Member of Parliament in the Committee on Foreign Affairs 2002-2007. In her political career, Ewa Björling occupied broad range of top positions. Prior to that she was appointed as PhD and Associate Professor at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, where she lectured and did research in the field of Medicine.

Some concrete political results are measures to strengthen export financing, the ability to support small and medium enterprises and changes in the public promotion of Sweden around the world. Merger of Invest Sweden and The Swedish Trade Council to Business Sweden to streamline the promotion of the company’s exports, imports and investments. Within the EU framework has she been involved in an European patent, the service directive, the goods package, development of E-trade and several free trade agreements.

Ewa Björling has along with Swedish companies visited over 80 countries during her time as Minister for Trade to promote Swedish export.

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