Xolaris provides the upper hand in any alarming scenario and builds a better tomorrow, where institutions can focus on enabling the best life possible for the people they serve.

For thousands of years, the sun has served as a luminous compass for people all around the world.

In the hour of need, it has guided sailors through the storm, riders through the desert and travelers over the mountains as a beacon of safety.

Just like the sunlight has kept travelers on course, Xolaris has kept society safe for the last two decades.

Our story began as Mobilaris National Security, a part of the Mobilaris Group. And as time went by, Xolaris became independent with the purpose to develop even better products and continue our work for a safer world.

To save lives, every day.

Our Swedish heritage has given us our strong belief that people always come first, and teamwork, honesty and trust is what has ensured us long-lasting relationships with global customers and partners. We have made sure that public safety authorities and law enforcements responsible for civil security can lead the way and make the right decisions when it is time to act fast.

Xolaris’ commitment is with society.

Today, we are turning our broad experience from cellular intelligence and civil security into new innovations and more efficient tools. We deliver strategic insights by structuring and analyzing massive dataflows, movements and positions. Proven under extreme pressure, our products can prevent, predict and help neutralize criminal activity and guide people to safety by disaster management.

Entering a new decade, we are keen to expand our commitment.

And by analyzing the current global landscape, it is clear that the need has never been greater. In this day and age, threats against society come in many different forms. We have seen an increase in natural disasters, extremism and organized crime - threatening everyday life and public freedom. We provide the upper hand in any alarming scenario and build a better tomorrow, where institutions can focus on enabling the best life possible for the people they serve.

Xolaris’ mission is to enable our customers to gain insights from mobile networks to save lives, every day.

The Xolaris approach to doing business

Human rights

We respect all internationally proclaimed human rights

Labour standards

International Labour Organization’s Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at work.


No form of extortion or bribery, including improper offers for payments shall be tolerated.

Suppliers and business partners

Suppliers and partners should be committed to ethical standards equivalent to our own.


We aim to do business with companies that fully comply with and respect our code of conduct.

To help governments work better and faster, and keep people safe.

The Xolaris Core Values


20 years of innovation have gone by since we first started, and to this day – celebrating two decades, we are still looking forward to tomorrow’s challenges and innovations, because that drive is what got us here. And still, we are far from done.

Teamwork & trust

Our Swedish heritage has laid the foundation for a culture of teamwork and trust. At Xolaris, we can be productive on our own, but time has shown that we are more creative and innovative if we work together.

Be good

Our promise to save lives is an ambitious one, and we set a high bar for what we consider success. But that is ultimately who we are and the essence of the Xolaris culture. It is our way of contributing to a better world.


For us, openness translates into two business approaches. Firstly, we are honest and always open to new ideas. Secondly, we believe in agnostic technology, that integrate and interoperate with any and all systems to maximize customer value.

National Security

Eunomia™ is a tracking and behavioral pattern analysis tool engineered to help law enforcements detect and combat criminal and terrorist activity.

Public Safety

Xolaris CIWS™ has a proven record worldwide, successfully applied under the most challenging crowd conditions on earth.